Oct. 27, 2006


This is a clear word to set you free. "One Word of God, from God, for you. Will keep you in all your ways & set you free." Get in your closet.   Still staying in His Presence, Gail 


Oct 24, 2006



Awake oh sleeper!!! Jump into the water of My washing power over you. You who are called and want the sand washed out, from even between your toes. Call on Me I will deliver you, NOW. Become the five smooth stones with only one agenda, Mine. Listen to the thunder of My voice in your heart. I Am that I Am and My mercy for you is to remove your blind spots. ASK!!! I will take them out NOW. Take your authority and command the enemy to flee, Now in Jesus name. Walk in your call, with character and My Anointing in your life. Humility is being called forth in Unity. Command every stumbling blocks to get out, Now in Jesus Name.    Proclaim in the Gates of your City who I Am. For more of My love, put a demand on the Word that I will put in your heart. Expect to walk in the Eye of those storms. When you call upon Me I will deliver you and put My fire in your heart like a sword of fire. This will purge the territory that I have called you to walk in. This will cause the land to come clean again so you will be able to soar in it. Stand up in the Glory and Proclaim Who I AM. Take the mandate of  NO COMPROMISE HERE!!!

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