Animations - flame-15


Oct.10, 2006 

 Animations - flame-15
 Animations - fire line

After the ...........  "Sound from the Heart of Yeshua"   Summit

Our hearts are full, at  the promises from God.  Our Heavenly Father is speaking to our hearts. His plans are, our agenda for what He is doing in this area. As we have been releasing the Sound from the Heart of Yeshua, He has released His sound in us. We are learning to expect signs & wonders & miracles in the earth like it is in Heaven. His Word has come forth as the Wind & Fire &  His Holiness to us. God's mercy & grace is creating anticipation in those who have been side-tracked and to those who have been seeking His face.  HE is proving His signs are in the earth today, just watch. Our hearts are being over-whelming with His Word being fulfilled in us. Many times, He is giving us a glimpse of how He want to show up as our "Abba Father" . He wants to provide & show us the next step in our lives. We have had a Glorious Time at the last Summit. The Day of Atonement started at 6pm on Sunday the 1st of Oct. 2006. The Holiest day of the year. We have learned that we wants to give us Double Double so check out Joel 2: 20-32 Wow!!!

So God has put in our hearts His plan to have a 24/7 Worship Centre across the road in Dereham Centre. Which will serve the people of God who are hungry and thirsty and to those who have family and friends. They will find His peace and His Heart in the people who are willing to give away what God has put in and on them. Evidence of His Love & His Healing & His Deliverance & our Worship will bring His Presence & this will be our theme. You are His favourite and He is going to show up big in your life as you yield to Him & the Holy Spirit because Jesus is your older Brother & His eyes & His ears are ever watching & listening for you to come to Him.



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