Feb 9, 2008


What a delightful snow fall we had this morning. God was showing off and covering the earth with His blanket of white. But He took me back to the shifting winds that came Jan 3oth. I am reminded of the seeds that have been sown that have not come into fruitfulness. The Lord said that He was shifting all the seeds that were sown and He is shifting the seed into fruitfulness. Immediately I thought of my family, and the Word which has been sown, into the hearts of those in my sphere of influence.

So I decided to pray, and: Ask the Lord to gather all the prayers I have every prayed for each one and bring then together and send the Holy Spirit to speak, guide, direct their foot-steps. Circumcise their ears to hear, their eyes to see, and the heart to receive from the Spirit of God, NOW. Speak to the on fire and bold Christians to hear from heaven and go and do what the Lord has spoken in their hearts. Please prepare each person to be ready to step into His presence as they hear by the Spirit. Lord have these People receiving from you. As I pray daily for these souls cover each one in the blood of Jesus and let not one "word" be stolen from them. Father give them dreams and visions of the Kingdom of God and Your Word.


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