April 16, 2009 What a letter from Pastor David (Kenya)

Greetings to you all in Christ, ( Pastor David Kenya  

Grace and peace be multiplied unto you all. We are all doing well in Christ. We are blessed to be a new creation in Him! 2nd Cor 5:17. It is our hope and prayer that you are all doing well too by the power of God, which rose Christ from among the dead. We are blessed to have a living Lord, even Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen. 

I have been supplicating for you and the conference ahead. I know that God does not gather His children in vain. He shall surely do something in your midst. He shall do great things among you for a purpose. He wants the gospel to read all over the world. The harvest needs more labourers. We have a mission that we must accomplish. Here in Kenya, we are doing our mission. Although there are a few obstacles here and there, we are still moving on. We are still going strong. I give you the same words that King David said in 2nd Sam 22:30  ESV.   “For by you I can run against a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall.”   

      I see an angel coming bringing a urgent message. He brings it to you in a very urgent manner. He is the messager who brings you tidings, the one who God sends to minister to you. This time round, he is coming with a word from the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords. He is willing to reveal to you all what has been accomplished for you and all what you are able to do for the glory of God.

     The Holy Spirit is saying to you,” Behold, I am with you. I am with you, I am with you. You have never been alone, I am with you. One with Yahweh, one with Jesus. I am in Christ and Christ is in you!! Trust me, and you will experience a greater power, a great anointing operating in your life, for I am the anointing. I am not a thing, I am a person. I am the one who anointed Jesus of Nazareth and the world has never been the same.”   The message of the angel is to cause every person to see the truth of the gospel. To see the grace of God, to deal and relate to God by His grace! His grace, when revealed to us will cause us to want to do exploits for His glory. GOD is gracious and compassionate. He saved us by grace through faith. It’s a gift of God. God is offering everything to man as a gift. Tell the people to receive gifts from God by grace through faith. Jesus has already paid the price for our forgiveness, healing, deliverance, prosperity, joy, peace, salvation, blessing, etc. They are all gift, THEY ARE ALL GIFTS. No wonder Isaiah said,   "Hey there! All who are thirsty come to the water! Are you penniless? Come anyway—buy and eat! Come, buy your drinks, buy wine and milk. Buy without money—everything’s free! (Isaiah 55:1 Message)  

     Oh My, if everything is free, then everybody can come!!! Everybody can come!!! All! I PRAY that in the conference, miracles shall happen to everybody, no matter what their background, their past failures, their weaknesses, they shall all experience the grace of God.  His mercy to everybody, hallelujah   

Tell the people to stop trusting their faith and start trusting His grace and love for them!! That will change everything. Never disqualify yourself; never see as if you will never measure up for God’s blessing, for they have already been paid for by the death of Jesus Christ on the cross!!! THE Cross changed  everything. There was an exchange, we gave Him all our bad and He gave us all His good…     I hear in the spirit, that Grace is God’s Riches At Christ’s  Expense!!! Woooo!!!!! So, everybody, enjoy!!

Call out to people to come and enjoy for free!!! TELL Everybody that that its for free.!. Hallelujah!!!  Pastor David..............  

  We just want to thank all those who came to the Summit "Fresh Visitation of His Glory". We had a great time in His presence as the Holy Spirit was pouring out liquid love into the House.... more to follow with pictures... Blessings Gail


    Mar 20, 2009 .... As of this day Della and I are home from Ikom, Nigeria. Wow what a great time we had with all the fabulous leaders there in Edor. These students were so hungry to glean from the Word of God, that all were healed of deep hurts so now they are studying the classes they were involved with, for ninety days. Seems like a long time but God is doing a deeper work in their hearts and they are willing. These whom the Lord loves so very much will be starting groups, going out to share in two's, how exciting is this! These leaders will be gathering the harvest of broken lives that are willing to be restored into the fullness that the Lord Jesus has for each one. Please pray for these Leaders; Pastor Mike, Gavin, Christopher A, Gospel Glory,( a young lady) Micah her brother, Thomas their Dad, Kingsley, Patrick, Raphael, Christopher O, Francis, Bassey, Alex, Austin, Past Solomon, Martium, Moses, RoseLine, Elizabeth, Anthony. So as you pray for these leaders to begin on June 20th, to move into the next level of their anointing and as they move into the Glory of God, pray that each one has a deeper encounter with the Spirit of the Living God. These Leaders have been hand picked by the Lord to move their nation into the fullness of what the Heavenly Father wants to do in their land. Many have sown into the nation of Nigeria, but now the Father wants this remnant to move out in healing in their hearts to the thousandth generation according to Deut. 7: 9 this is the healing that is coming to their land.

     Della and Gail will be going back to continue the ForeRunners Fruits of Healing School of Ministry in Ikom, Cross River State, Nigeria. We will be returning in January of 2010. We are both looking forward to this because God Himself has commissioned this next move in Nigeria. What a privilege to serve the Lord now in this time. It is also a great honour to know that you are in the centre in the middle of His Will for your lives. Please pray as we prepare to return to Nigeria as we both love Africa and this will be our fourth trip to Africa together. I so appreciated being with a true sister in the Lord who flows in the anointing and this was such a pleasure as we teamed to just be that example of a team flowing together in the Glory of the Lord and His power flowing from us. We were so amazed, day to day as He moved us through all the events that were happening around us. These were some tales to tell and we are sure you will hear or them as you are the meetings with us. April 15 -19th 2009 we will be together at the "Fresh Visitation of His Glory" right here in Mt. Elgin at Open Heart Ministries 22nd Summit. Wow how did this all happen, we just keep giving Him all the Glory and Honour and Worship. Hope to see you soon. Blessing with much love, Mama Gail & Mama Della our endearing names from Nigeria.

Nov 22 -Dec 6 08  This was an exciting time for the GEM Team. Gail, Evelyn and Marylu traveled to Ikom, Cross River St ate,  Nigeria for a mission trip. Well God moved in all areas with us and even healed various parts of our beings. We were delighted to know that the Heavenly Father had a mission to heal these people in Nigeria, so He sent Della Tyrrell and Gail Garrett back to Ikom to teach the ForeRunners School of Ministry including the Fruits of Healing. This is going to be a great trip because Our Father always has great plans. We will keep you informed. We will be leaving the 17th of Feb and returning the 18th of March 2009. 

Welcome in 2008!!!  The Calling  forth of the Shofar's!!!

August 8, 2008 @ why not church in Brantford, Ontario The Lord said... Grace is your license to Repent***  Mercy is your license to Forgive*** & Love is your license to hug someone into their destiny***************
July 5, 2008  .... As I ponder over the last few days at the Advanced Prophetic School in Stratford at the Highlands Christian Ministries with Ivan and Isabel Allum .......


A sense of well being flows over me. I am beginning to put the pieces of my heart together. (maybe this will help someone) Just committing to myself to stay in His presence I had this overwhelming fullness and richness in my heart. The rivers & streams in my heart have been unclodded and this of a new awareness of the Father and the Holy Spirit are smiling with me. I feel regenerated with a new purpose. There is a new door that has swung open wide. Along the path leading from this door are keys that are being handed to me. The first key is acceptance of who I am and what my purpose is. there is also a green light to go forth in the Father's love to go to the streets. the commission is to start walking and keep walking and your days will be so full of His love.

The next key is to re-dig a well of hope for all that will be along the path. I see one after the other waiting and hoping someone will come.

The next key is as I walk and move among my Grandchildren & the Fathers love is overtaking them. Then they beckon their moms and dads to receive the Fathers love, acceptance, hope, and more love.

The next key if full of JOY . There seems to be more Love flowing freely and hugs are everywhere. The best seems to be strength that is flowing out of every pour of my being to see HIM, Dancing & skipping & whirling with My Father. The yesterdays are not even a thought now. There is a drawing to hear the Father & the Holy Spirit clearer. My heart is perked up to hear.

Now the drawing to run down this path & move into what seems to me as places I have been waiting to see & they are waiting for me to come. I am hearing direction for the times ahead. The call is draw unto me & we will run together as He is covering my heart. Get ready a new adventure is now.

Flooding of His Love & compassion are overtaking me. I feel the Fathers' hand holding my heart &tenderizing every place that has been broken & crushed & that every disappointment is being healed & restored with hot liquid love. The comfort is overwhelming. My sinus are flowing & being healed. This is amazing. Letting go in the depths of my being is so refreshing that my joints & bones are feeling new. The Father is telling me that my DNA is being regenerated, more will be healed as I let go & walk with HIM. You hear me now but I want you to come into a flow of obedience as I lead you through some times ahead. GailAnn your choices to serve me will bring great joy in the Kingdom. Beloved--- Come walk & talk with Me & We will run & roll down many hills & bring love to the desperate who are waiting for us to come ... ( I broke)

Hope for the lost, healing for the dying, comfort for the distraught, peace for troubled hearts, & so much more as you move more into My heart. Up ahead there are many mountains with streams of water flowing onto every highway & byway. Then the brilliance of His light & His presence washed over every mountain stream, all the land was just aglow & He came & held me. All I could say was Thank you so much Daddy

Now check what He has done... ...


July 18, 2008

  This is a red letter day for me, as I received a Macedonian call from Nigeria. Bishop Effiong Noah Udoekanem called me on the Friday to ask me to come to Nigeria. At first I was so shocked.!!!!     

 In October of 2006 I was very ill and I didn’t think I would ever get out of my house let alone go back   to the mission field. Well I am here to tell you that God can do, what we think is impossible.  So as     Bishop keep calling and emailing and praying with his board and prayer warriors, they received a word   from the Lord, that I would be coming and that God said that, "He would surprise me, provide for me, to give me new revelation, to restore my physical body, and hold at bay the enemies onslaughts." Well I was very overwhelmed with what the Lord had been speaking to me about. Then I heard a clear word to go  and that He would provide a team to go with me.  So I was very excited in my Spirit, just prayed in      tongues most of the time. Waiting for the next move and sure enough he has been bringing things into   place. The formal invitations came via e-mail, visa, people who had been to Bishop’s church, school, and his city of Calabar. They just finished a camp meeting and hundreds came to the Lord, with signs       following. So this is exciting to hear about knowing that we can go over and encourage and teach and    preach and be a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. What a privilege to go in His name and be His       ambassador as the Holy Spirit can move in this land with wisdom and understand and boldness.  The    Holy Spirit will hover in Nigeria. This land has a great heritage with Rinehart Bunkicy going for so many years to Nigeria to proclaim who Jesus is. So we are leaving on the 22nd of November till the 5th of      December. Please pray as we are preparing for our tickets and visa’s and hearing from the Lord as for    His direction and plans. There will be a crusade from the 27th -29th of November. So the rest of the time we will be at the bible school teaching and sharing and encouraging the students. We will be traveling the first two days and the last two days. We would be very grateful for you prayers and financial support.     Thanks so much… GailAnn Garrett,  Evelyn Ruth Johnson, Marylu Verboom, & Russell Long.        

   Jesus is Lord over the whole earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


August 6, 2008.....

 God spoke so clear at the Glory Days in Brantford to me and He is putting this to music from the heavenly realm....


Heart of the Father

You can hear the HeartBeat of the Father

You can hear the HeartBeat of the Father singing

Son, Go and get my Children

Go and get My Little Ones


Spirit of God breathe on My Little Ones

Spirit ignite My Children to hear

Spirit Blow the Mighty Winds of Heaven

……..Calling out to ….

Who ever has an ear let them hear?


My God and My King call Your Children home

Blow the winds of heaven

Prepare the way to hear the …..

HeartBeat of the Father

There is a mystery that happens

in your worship


Rain comes down as the praises go up

Flow in His presence like the eagle soars heavenward

Your Obedience builds an altar of remembrance

To the Lord in Righteousness

Let the Winds of Healing come on Your

Wings of Worship

Open the Beautiful Gate, the Glory Gate,

The Holy Gate, your Destiny Gate

What Glories that the Lord has waiting for us, to move with Him. We hope that this has encouraged you.


Jesus has given unto us..... Grace has given us a license to repent!!!

Mercy has given us a license to forgive!!!!

Then Love has given us a license to hug others into their eternity in Heaven!!!


Feb 23, 2008

Word from the Lord………..Saturday  Feb 23, 2008

Draw Me near to you. This is the year of multiplied millions of miracles to heal and draw those that are destined for the throne. Hope is again in the land. To transcend my Glory into and for those who have such questions. Open doors are yours to let my heartbeat in. Hearts will transform and repentance will flow. The Gathering of Eagles has arrived like the gathering at the Eagle River in Alaska. This might seem to be the ends of the earth; yes that is exactly where I Am going. So everyplace that you think is the end of the earth that is where I Am going to put out, “The Call”. Every wall and every heartbreak shall be healed. Millions upon millions of miracles, healings of restoration and words of revelation are coming swiftly. Families are being healed to produce fruit!!!  Seek My truth and in each revelation you will come into higher levels of my peace and liberation. There will be Millions of healings for restoration of hearts.  Listen for My heartbeat. Hold fast My Covenant with humility.




Feb 29, 2008

Snow Storm

Move out in My favour. Listen closely for My direction. Listen closely for My direction/ I am changing your direction I am clearing your vision to see past the obstacles that have hindered you. The door has opened and the time is now. A great time of reaping is coming. Get ready; prepare my servants with Wisdom and My Word. The workers in this vineyard are apprehensive and zealous all at the same time. Training for long endurance is the call of the hour. As you listen early in the morning, I will give you designated for the day. Hear and obey. S0me things will not manifest until a set time, everything will be one step at a time until my vineyard servants are ready. Training for reigning is most essential for peace to reign in your heart and on your face. Peace will be your barometer. The measuring live has been drawn around your mission. You will know that in a strategic time, I will pull out the flood gates and pour out the millions of millions of miracles to bring the harvest in.  In that day you will know and understand the schedule that I have had you on.  Mark this day as you are waiting in line in the storm, (we were on our way to TACF) what peace you had in your heart even your view was not clear at the time. (An ice storm) but as you called out to Me, I parted the view for you. Do not be impatience with the vineyard or My servants. Pray, listen, soak in Me, and Rest in Me. I have a legion of angels assigned to you for the very purpose to ensure the harvest. The dreams and visions I have put in your heart, they will come to pass. Get ready for the fruit that was almost dead.  Pour My Word into these ones with a steady IV drip. This will strengthen each one to be revived and for each one to put out new growth. You will rise about the circumstances of every storm, just call unto Me. Listen to the wind of MY Spirit.

From… Charlie Robinson @ TACF. Do not let anyone steal your crown. Run this race with purpose and endurance and tenacity.   


Feb 23, 2008

Draw Me near to you. This is the year of multiplied millions of miracles to heal and draw those that are destined for the throne. Hope is again in the land. To transcend my Glory into and for those who have such questions. Open doors are yours to let my heartbeat in. Hearts will transform and repentance will flow. The Gathering of Eagles has arrived like the gathering at the Eagle River in Alaska. This might seem to be the ends of the earth; yes that is exactly where I Am going. So everyplace that you think is the end of the earth that is where I Am going to put out, “The Call”. Every wall and every heartbreak shall be healed. Millions upon millions of miracles, healings of restoration and words of revelation are coming swiftly. Families are being healed to produce fruit!!!  Seek My truth and in each revelation you will come into higher levels of my peace and liberation. There will be Millions of healings for restoration of hearts.  Listen for My heartbeat. Hold fast My Covenant with humility.

April 8, 2007


This is the year of the Open Door. These are the days of Humility, Righteousness, Holiness and Love. In this year of 2007, this year is also the year of completeness, so get ready to come into completeness with the Father. By His Spirit you are being drawn into a deeper walk of Humility, Righteousness, Holiness and Love. So press into His Heart for a great understanding of the time that we are living in. We must get ready to go through open doors that will be set before us. Many will seek His face and miss the beat of His heart. In quietness and peace shall be our strength.


February 4,  2007

Watch  and Pray!!! For the unraveling of your destiny.
January 15, 2007 How good and wonderful to be in His presence!!! Staying under His care, knowing that His Word is yea and A-men to all those who call upon the name of the Lord Jesus. As we begin this new year, which we blow the "Shofar's " long and loud in Mississippi I know that God's hand is upon us. Now is the time to get close to Our Father so we can hear Him breath His Heart out to us. Now is time to walk the talk and talk the walk. He is calling us to be 1) Humble 2)Teachable 3)Holy 4)Love unconditionally. These are His request to those who want to follow hard after Him. Here is the bottom line. Be holy as He is holy. Walk in His presence with a meek heart. Listen and do as the Master speaks to your heart. Take up His cross as He walked and hung on the cross of love. His call is for us to get just plain dead!!! Just dead!!! In this way we will have a heart attitude that will not be offended or jealous or bitter or resentful or retaliate. Just to walk in His love and therefore the world will come into the Kingdom, wanting to be just like the Master of the Storms and the Waves. Press into Him and He will guide and direct you. Move into Sonship as Sons and Daughters of the the King.  

November 15, 2006

Greetings in the name of Jesus. This has been the longest 20 days of my life (since Oct 27th) and I just want to give God all the Glory for His sustaining strengthen and peace. Through this time I have had to stand still and see Him work even when the pain was so intense.   (Gall Stones) These mountains are being removed as you read this.  The doctors with all there equipment have not been able to find anything.  We are talking ultrasound and x-ray's and nothing. They were unable to see anything. So I have been listening to the Father and you know He will never leave you or forsake you. I felt sometimes that I just wanted to go be with Him in that intense moment. But He said not now, there is a vision to fulfill.  So with so many people praying and calling  just to pray. Which is wonderful, thanks. These calls have been so wonderful even if we have not been on the phone long or your message was not to long on the e-mail, I have appreciated all the concern, care and prayer. But someone was on the watch from 3 - 6 am this morning and I felt something move, but the pain did not leave. Strange I thought! But I keep pushing through, you must understand it has been 20 days of great intense PAIN.  On a scale of 1-10 it was mostly a 13,  this was over the top in pain, because you can not get away from the pain. Last night I had a call from a young man who I had led to the Lord when I was first saved. He did some warfare and so encouraged me. Thank you so much Lord Jesus for every prayer my friends and family have prayed. Bless them abundantly. I thank God for true friends who will go the extra miles with you. I still have a time to go until they are all gone. But Jesus will always get all the Glory. 

All of you that are praying for me thank you so much. Please continue to pray for the land across the road because we feel that God is Going to Do just what He Promised He will Do. So many will come and be refreshed, delivered, set free, and go and walk in there call to see the end-time harvest come in.



Deep into His heart what is He saying to you?




Oct. 1st 2006 @ 6pm was the beginning of the Day of Atonement the holiest day of the year for G-d. These are the double blessings that you can declare into your life. These double blessings are available to you as you listen to the heart of G-d and hear what He wants you to do in giving that you have never done before.


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